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Why e-marketing is recommended nowadays?

Promoting your product or service online overcomes barriers of distance and achieves wide spread with cost lower than other traditional marketing methods.
Also, e-marketing is preferred by customers, as the customer is the only one who decides to click to know more or to go away if not interested.

Why to hire a marketing agency not only a marketer?

A modern marketing campaign requires a bundle of skills: coming up with new idea, writing, graphic design, social media, website coding, SEO; the list goes on.
All of the above mentioned requires an integrated and specialized team that does the whole job, not only part of it.

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram for business marketing?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that allows adding photos, text and links to posts to keep your followers updated with all your business details.
Twitter helps to market your products or services to many people with a small tweet, especially, young people. That’s why it needs unique ideas to go in line with their way of thinking.
Instagram is mainly used to build the visual identity of a business as it’s meant for sharing pictures and videos.

How to choose the right plan for Facebook marketing?

You can choose the plan according to type and size of your business and also the goal you want to achieve in the coming period.

Alaanak offers a variety of plans that suits small, medium and large activities. Each plan has different number of views and designs for your Facebook Ad, and it’s part of our job to offer you honest advice based on your business nature, the timing of the advertising campaign and the consumption behavior of the targeted individuals.

How much my Facebook Ad is going to cost?

It’s important to note that Facebook works like an auction, i.e., your campaign cost varies according to many factors:

  • Your product type and the category it belongs to.
  • Audience targeting options (age, gender, location).
  • Other advertisers competitors.
  • Quality of your Ad.
  • The time of year.

According to all these factors, the Ad will be priced as a bet among all advertisers on Facebook.

Why Alaanak for Technology Services?

Customer satisfaction is our goal so we stick to a set of principles that help us moving forward:

  • Punctuality, we care about every detail, no matter how small it is.
  • Professionalism, we offer high level of Excellence in all projects.
  • Credibility, our words match our actions.
  • Creativity, we look at things in a new way.
  • We offer all the technology services you may need in one place.

What are you waiting for to join our precious clients list? Any question? Contact us to help you.